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America Falls - Part 2: "Truth Has Fallen And Taken Liberty With It"


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In honor of Paul Craig Roberts and all of his contributions in the fight for freedom, peace and honor: This video highlights the corruption of the American Government. Intelligence Agencies have announced their intention to target and kill U.S. citizens abroad. How soon until they claim the right to target U.S. citizens at home? The spending of the military industrial complex&the bailouts to the international banking elite now hold future generations of Americans in bondage. According to Bloomberg, CNBC and CNN the bank bailouts now total more than $24 Trillion. The Pentagon armed forces budget for 2010 exceeds the total budgets of all 50 states combined. There is no end in sight to the borrowed spending. Many economists are now predicting a total collapse of the American Government and eventually, hyper inflation. Meanwhile the borders remain porous. The Constitution and the rule of law has largely been abandoned. We must re-unite with the principles of our founding fathers, embrace the gifts of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence if we hope to save our Republic. It is the duty of every citizen to be engaged in his government, or we give up our right to govern ourselves. If we do not govern ourselves the result will be as it has always been, slavery. Every American should now investigate the practicality of silver and gold as a hedge against almost certain economic calamity. Every thinking citizen should research and understand false flag terrorism and how governments and corporations use false flags to their own ends. Every citizen needs to understand: Those who give up their liberty in exchange for security lose both.

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